“listen – Five simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges” written by Paddy Wipfler and Tosha Shore, M.A.

This Mini Immersion is a 3 Day jump into the Hand in Hand Parenting approach.

What is included in the group:

  • A Private Facebook group to Immerse yourself with some of the Hand in Hand Tools
  • 3 x Facebook live Interactive Themed videos to ask questions, share in a private space, have a laugh about Parenting or even Life
  • Themes are Playlistening, Staylistening and Listening Partnerships
  • Starts Monday 9th March 2020, ends Wednesday 11th March
  • Cost for #ListenMiniMersion: $7 USD
  • Cost for #ListenMiniMersion plus Listening Partnership Coaching via Signal Messenger/Voxer: $27

– coaching for 3 days depending on when you join the #ListenMiniMersion