My latest Mini Immersion!

Cooperative and Connected, written by Aletha J. Solter, PhD.

The book Cooperative and Connected, is a Brilliant Treasure Chest of Aware Parenting knowledge and guidance.

In our private Facebook group #CooperativeandConnected we will dive into Aware Parenting for mostly 2 – 8 year old children.

Included in the group

  • A Private, dedicated space of exploring Aware Parenting and how it looks for us as unique family’s
  • 3 Interactive Facebook Livestream videos where partipicants get to choose what they wish to explore, and it can be personally tailored to suit your circumstances
  • A chance to really get into some of the major topics of Cooperative and Connected being:
  • Tears and Tantrums
  • Fears and Frights
  • Living and Learning
  • Playing and Pretending
  • Conflicts and Challenges
  • Friends and Foes
  • Eating and Ailments
  • If you already own and have read the book Cooperative and Connected, why not come and explore your thoughts and ideas and feelings from reading it?
  • If you dont own the book or havent read it – this is a great way to seek out what type of information is in there!

Interactive Facebook livestreams start Saturday 28th March

Group is open from now!