About me

After the birth of my second child I realised I was vastly under supported emotionally (from an Inner Psyche perspective and other ways).

I had physical symptoms of pain and fatigue- yet I found it so difficult to ask for help, and I even had trouble sleeping from anxiety.

I started practicing Aware Parenting, and Hand in Hand Parenting, and my life started to blossom again.

I re-connected with my children, and my husband, and my Self.

I had a huge realisation that what I had witnessed in my many years as a Nurse was an insight into Human Nervous System dysregulation. And I discovered the missing link to a Medical Model that focused on keeping the Mind and Body separate entities.

Through my love and passion for all things Nervous System Regulation and Healing- I am offering online courses to support people to find their vitality in Life, their Instincts, and Parenting.

If you are wanting to create more Inner capacity for awareness and use your Human Instincts to Thrive rather than Survive – this is the right place.

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